Atlanta’s Best Free Attractions

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At times we just want to spend some time in places where we won’t have to spend any coin. The fact that you don’t have money in your pocket doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit any place in Atlanta. Atlanta is one of those cities that’s characterized by world-class shopping, high-caliber restaurants and a robust theater scene. Whether you’re just stopping by or this is your home, there are a number of options available for you for free or at a less cost. There’s nothing that should limit your options when it comes to exploring this beautiful city. Here are some of Atlanta’s best free attractions.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

If you’re stopping over in Atlanta, start by exploring the King Center and the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church before spending some time learning about the birth and death of the major influencer of the Civil Rights Movement at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center. At the King Center, you’ll get to view travelling exhibitions as well as efforts towards promoting equality and peace. Don’t forget passing by the Freedom Hall and view exhibits that pay homage to the Kings, Rosa, Mahatma Gandhi and Parks.

Piedmont Park

The central location of this parks allows visitors to enjoy spectacular views of the midtown Atlanta skyline. There’s also a swimming pool, walking trails, and a dog park. If you love soccer, there are several fields and a playground where you can play around. There’s also a running track for athletes. The park also hosts several events and festivals at different times of the year.

Center for Puppetry Arts

Well, admission at the museum is usually $8. However, you can visit with your family on Thursdays when there’s not admission fee. Let your kids spend time enjoying puppet performances. Note that there are performances for adults as well. At the museum, there’s a collection of about three hundred and fifty puppets from across the world.

Centennial Olympic Park

Just a few miles from the Georgia Aquarium, the Centennial Olympic Park provides the perfect spot for children who love splashing around. The park was initially established for the 1996 Olympics. Visitors come here to have spectacular views of Atlanta’s Downtown Skyline. There’re picnic spots where you can hang out with your friends or loved ones after strolling around the park. The park also hosts multiple free events.

Oakland Cemetery

You can’t miss visiting the oldest cemetery in Atlanta. The garden cemetery was the first public park in Atlanta. More than seventy thousand people have been laid to rest in this garden cemetery including more than six thousand Confederate soldiers, Bobby Jones and some of the founding families of the region. Don’t leave the park before viewing some of the headstones of Atlanta’s Ancient residents.

Castleberry Hill Art Stroll

This is the place to be on every second Friday of every month. Those who have been in this neighborhood are always coming back to discover something new. If you’re coming for the first time, there are a dozen or more galleries to explore as you spend time enjoying some wine and small bites. You might have heard about the warehouse reputation or something weird about this neighborhood but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time here. For anyone who’s looking for one of Atlanta’s most artistically progressive neighborhoods, this is it. This article is brought to you by the best mechanic in atlanta Kuhn Automotive.

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